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A rice cooker is one of the latest trends amidst the kitchen appliances. One-touch technology to prepare rice has made cooking a joy with ease and relaxation. The product is designed with a removable inner bowl accommodated in an external pot fitted with the heating element. It is widely used as an integral part of many kitchens because of its easy yet tasty and healthy cooking.

Over a period of time, the use of rice cookers has increased drastically. As its demand is increasing, many manufacturers are gearing up to produce competitive rice cookers to entice housewives and cooking professionals. Amongst the range of rice cookers available, there are many categories defined on price range, capacities, brands, and features.

To move with a lower budget, here are some of the best cheap rice cookers:

Aroma ARC-998 16-Cup Digital Rice Cooker & Food Steamer

Aroma Ace Rice Cooker

 Priced at an amazing low price, the Aroma rice cooker is a perfect cooker and steamer simultaneously. It is flawless in design with perfection and innovation infused within its technology. This is a top choice for anyone looking for a rice cooker or food steamer, as it has a host of essential features that makes it a perfect addition to any kitchen. Some of the most advantageous features are as follows:

  • The cooker is designed with a smudge-proof stainless steel.
  • It is capable of preparing 4 to 16 cups of rice.
  • It can also be used to steam vegetables.
  • Automatic keep-warm functionality makes it a winning rice cooker.
  • It is configured with an easy-to-use digital control panel with specified controls for different rice types.
  • It is available with a nonstick inner cooking pot for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Serving spatula, steam tray, and measuring cup comes along with the rice cooker.

Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Deluxe Rice Cooker

 The Hamilton rice cooker with a price tag of $44.99 4.2 is one of the most impressive and easy to use digital cooker to complement the needs of any kitchen. With a host of functionalities and features, it offers a relaxing way to make various recipes for a perfect luncheon or dinner. Some of the key specifications of the Hamilton rice cooker are as follows:

  • The best aspect of this cooker is its digitally controlled functions.
  • With just a touch of button, rice can be cooked and vegetables can be steamed.
  • It beholds the capacity of preparing 4 to 20 cups of rice.
  • It is equipped with a unique boil/simmer function that senses the boiling of the content and automatically switches to simmer for the prescribed time.
  • It is also supported by the delayed start function to prepare cooking almost 15 hours in advance.
  • The accompanied accessories include soup ladle, rice paddle, and measuring cup.

Sanyo ECJ-N55W 5-1/2-Cup Electric Rice Cooker with Porridge

Sanyo ECJ-N55W 5-1/2-Cup Electric Rice Cooker with a price tag of $69.99 helps you enjoy a variety of healthy and mouth-watering dishes. The multi-functionality system of the cooker makes it a perfect choice for housewives. Some of the key features and functions of the Sanyo electric rice cooker are as follows:

  • It has a capacity of 5-1/2 cups with single switch operation.
  • The lid is specially designed in a way to prevent boiling over.
  • The inner pot is designed with a nonstick material for easy clean-up.
  • Steam vent and dew collector are also configured in a way that it can be managed and cleaned easily.
  • The automatic keep-warm function keeps food hot for a longer period of time.
  • The accessories accompanied with the product include measuring cup, spatula, spatula holder, and multi-language instruction manual.